krib babies

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Aug 16, 2002
Indy, IN, USA
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my kribs had their 2nd brood recently and started bringing them out of the nest last sunday. they spend the day going from one end of the tank to the other and(knock on wood) theyre still doing very well. losses, if any, have been low and it appears they had more babies this time than the first. im letting nature take its course for the most part. theyre in a 55g community tank and the parents are doing a wonderful job of keeping everybody away from them. i dont have any plans of removing any of them, at least until they make it to a big enough size to remove them to some sort of grow out tank. what i would like to know is this:

1) how fast do they grow?
2) is there anything special i should try to feed them?

i have some molly babies in another tank that are growing like lightning, but these dont seem to be gaining much size. they are maybe 1/4 inch max. ive been attempting to feed them some wardleys baby fry food and ive also been pulverizing some flake food as well. do you suppose they will make it without my intervention? ive been really reluctant to post about them because i figure im just jinxing them by doing so, but oh well. eventual plans are to give the kribs their own tank, but thats a ways on down the road. thanks for any info and advice.


Nov 3, 2002
Just be patient,if there is a problem of a wrong type of food,the batch would be long dead.