krib baby update

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Aug 16, 2002
Indy, IN, USA
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oh how time flies. they grow up so fast....

it looks like mama and papa krib have spawned again and the "older" krib babies are in the next stage of their lives. mama started running them off yesterday. she treats them no different than any of the other fish now. she charges them just as hard as she can. theyre pretty fast and can get out of the way pretty good though.

papa krib is still neutral in these skirmishes... for now. he is protecting the stump and the babies as well. i noticed this morning he would occasionally nip at one, but they still swim around with him.

the babies are having a hard time leaving the nest. they insist on staying by the stump even with mama coming out after them. theyve taken up residence in some of the plants and on big rock that is next to the cave. ive built a small rock pile next to the stump to give them some shelter from mama when she goes on her rants. i plan on making it bigger and also making another one on the opposite side of the tank for when/if they wise up and decide "home" isnt the place it once was. i expect the next batch to be "presented" to the tank in about a week, and if they havent left by then, i imagine all hell will break loose with papa and mama.

ill post more later as it developes.