LED Lights for Reef?

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Jan 24, 2010
While I have you guys here, are most of these fixtures adjustable so that I can dial in the light temperature I am looking for? I've been looking at black boxes so far - nothing too fancy and I know there are better ones. It just seems that the light temperatures I've had the most success with are different than what most recommended fixtures put out.


Mar 29, 2005
Temperature isn't so relevant, It's a generalization and different colors/looks can have the same temperature.

you likely want to think more about CRI, and in my experience so long as you have enough intensity within the correct spectrum, corals and whatever photosynthesizes, should grow fine. But how it appears to you is what is more important.

Lots of fixtures are adjustable to an extent, but you really need to look at them in person to see what will meet your needs, for example not everyone wants a high actinic part of the spectrum. my experience is that you will have some control over spectrum, but it normally isn't terribly wide a choice, because you will be limited to the actual LEDs that are put onto the fixture, and there is only so much that they can do. so starting with something that looks roughly how you want out of the box is likely a good thing.