Little white "wavy" stuff on glass, food?

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Nov 27, 2002
Wiinipeg, MB Canada
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Little "incident"

Originally posted by ewok
dodge: harmless, i get it my tanks with no algae eaters constantly, then i found otos. ;) my farlowellas seem to do a good job also, north haven and hamden petco had some of those in stock if you want to see a sort of weird looking fish.

the pleco *should* handle it, some are better than others tho. i'm pretty sure my common downstairs eats it too tho.

edit: skip the chemicals at all costs, i have heard rumors of some of them doing damage to fish. a small magnet cleaner will fix the problem week to week or so if you need to.
No hard feelings for the derogotory comments all is done and over with let's just say what's done has been done. Sorry about that it won't happen in the future you can be assured of that. Take it easy and like I said, no hard feelings I hope.

Regretfully Stupid,
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