Looking for a couple new rods & reels

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Dec 18, 2016
New England
Real Name
L. C. Bartlett
Heyo! Not much else to beat around the bush with, so I'll just jump right into it. I've recently gotten back into fishing, but the rod I've been using is...well, very cheap to say the least. I'd like to get a couple new setups for the summer: one for general freshwater fishing (I'll be living in New Hampshire to give you an idea of what fish there are), and then one for striper. For the former I've been recommended a "close-faced"/ spincast real, and for the latter an "open-faced"/spinning real, and my father's recommended Ugly Stiks for both of them. Any criticism for this, or any other suggestions as to which rods I might pick up?

And as a side question, I'd love to learn how to fly fish again. Anywhere I could get a cheap fly rod just to mess around with? I don't want to break the bank before I know if I like it or not.

Thanks in advance!