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Looking for a good aquarium siphon.


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I have very heavily planted tanks with lots of floating plants and need a water siphon that can prime itself with one of those rubber bulbs rather than sinking it into the tank and priming manually.
I've had a few of those bulb priming siphons but most were very poor quality.
Any suggestions?
I want good suction, so probably a 5/8 inch hose.


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We have a "kerosene" style bulb siphon we've had for many, many years. It was maybe $3 back in the day from HD or Walmart. It's intake stiff tube is ~18", maybe 24" flexible corrugated out flow. We have to either boost the bucket onto a stool or attach tubing (or have really, really good aim, lol).

No, it's not great quality, but the price is right & it works. I "usually" vacuum or swirl'n'vac to remove mulm, but for strictly removing water it has been great especially for tank tear downs. The tubing is ~1/2" so it can suck up sand or small gravel if you're not careful in shallow tanks. Like anything, there's a learning curve.


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I think that one is for 8mm hose based on the description.

Python Products also makes a siphon squeeze bulb but the largest hose is 1/2".

Check out the Siphon Pro XL or the Plumbers Siphon Pro from gastapper. I haven't used either product and you may have to remove the safety screen to avoid clogging it up OR remove the siphon bulb once you have started the siphon.

Personally, I just use 5/8" or larger vinyl hose and a PVC barb fitting to connect the hose to a length of PVC pipe to siphon the tank. You do need to suck on the end of the hose to start the siphon though.
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For something very heavy duty, I'm not sure where you'd find one specifically made for aquarium use. It's all kind of crappy these days. You'd have to make one yourself with some tubing and a squeeze bulb.

For my "large" siphon that I use for my 75g oscar tank, it's the largest (i believe) Aqueon brand siphon you can buy. It's the type you have to jiggle/pump up and down to get it to start. I've been using it once or twice a week for 5yrs.

I also have several of those $2-4 eBay Chinese specials with the primer bulb. Again, 5yrs of use without issue. No they are not awesome quality.

Harbor Freight tools sells a battery operated fluid pump that might fit your needs as well.


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That looks nice! It looks like a small tank gravel vac but with a siphon start. Let us know how it works for you
Personally I would use the starter bulb from Python, as they are likely the most well known name in aquarium siphons.

And just attach it to any old siphon that I had.


I'm just seldom a fan of using something of questionable origin in an aquarium... I have enough invested to make me not want to cut corners if possible.


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Thanks, Dougal, that looks like a decent bulb.

My new siphon arrived, and I must say it exceeded my expectations.
For $11 I got good quality tubing and a fairly decent quality bulb, especially when compared to other crap I've bought in the past.
It works great. For 11 dollars it's a bargain.
No wonder it's the top seller on Amazon!