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Looking for cichlid ID


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I'm looking for an ID on these cichlids. I suspect they're peacocks, but I just want to make sure. I got them last night from a couple who didn't know what they were. The wife made it sound like they were going to be flushed because the tank was sold. So she told me $15 and said they were south American cichlids. I realized they weren't American cichlids ,but African. I still agreed to the $15 she told me because I have an empty 55g and I don't want these fish to get flushed. But when I got to the meeting place, the guy said nothing less than $30. And also told me he would never flush fish....

Anyway.. .. It appears there's 2 males and one female. Which seems to be an issue, even though I was told by the guy that they all get along. The blue and yellow ones circle each other. When I had bumblebees and labs, they did that as a squabble/fight. I believe the blue one and the black one are a pair. One of the pics the wife sent me looks like the black one was holding. She's currently not right now, but the blue one chases and commenses circling behavior whenever the yellow one gets too close. Screenshot_20180901-082820.png Screenshot_20180901-083120.png Screenshot_20180901-083615.png


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The do not look like Peacocks. I am pretty sure they are Mbunas (90% sure).

PS--Cichlids that get along now, may not get along later when mature.


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There's issues between the blue and yellow ones. I was looking for an ID so I could get more of the right kind to form a large school.

The blue fish is the most dominate one. I saw him tail nip the yellow one this morning. IME with other types of cichlids, they need to be over stocked or have lots of rocks.