May 2010 Issue

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Mar 27, 2008
The May issue is here! Subscribers can read the full issue on TFH Digital, and three articles are available at


Soil Mounding and Planting Techniques for an Iwagumi Layout
The Imperial Flower Loach
Exploring the Galaxy
Putting Fish Back into Reefs
Breeding the Pajama Cardinalfish
Color Wars: Reef Fish and Aggression
Hobbyist Profile: Jan-Willem Esselaar and the Monster in the Tank
The TFH Breeder’s Challenge Part 5


Ask Jack: Q&A
Cichlidophiles: Those Terrible Green Acaras!
Livebearers Unlimited: Six Goodeids You Should Try This Summer
The Planted Tank: My Favorite Swords
Adventures in Aquascaping: A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Tank, Part 1
The Reefer: Making Your Reef Tank a Little Greener​