Mexican Dwarf crayfish care

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Mar 25, 2020
I am researching what tank mates ,and which shrimp or fast swimming top layer dwelling fish ,would be good for my tank.

I currently own an Aqueon 10 gallon tank , home depot play sand ,as substrate ,and 1 hide ,(PetCo imagitarium Aquarium decoration)
It looks like that ,I'm going to get Aquarium Co-ops , Coconut hut ,as another hide.
It won't let me post the CPO Mexican Dwarf crayfish ,or the coconut hut images , because, they "don't have an allowed extension".

Should I get 2 female CPO's ,or 1 male ,and 1 female? Im not ready to take care of baby crayfish ,but I don't want Fighting either.

Should I make the tank planted? If so ,I was thinking ,Java Fern ,Dwarf Sagittaria ,and Amazon Sword.

I'm getting Aquarium Co-ops ,Sponge filter setup. ,As well as ,their ,Hikari Crab Cuisine ,and Hikari Algae Wafers.

The crayfishs max size is about 2 inches. I'm trying to see what tank mates can coexist with the crayfish in my setup.

I need either shrimp that are bigger than the crayfish ,but not so big that they will cause harm to them.
Or either ,fast swimming ,top water layer dwelling fish.

Right now ,I'm just planning ahead ,I haven't cycled or ,cleaned the tank, or the decorations ,or sand yet.

The crayfishs parameters are:
Temp (65°F-75°F)
PH: 7.5-8.0

Also ,idk what GH ,KH ,or TDS is but these are the crayfishs GH ,KH ,and TDS , parameters.
GH: 3-18
TDS:200-300 (100-500)
Nitrate: less than 20 ppm.
Also ,I'm pretty sure I will need a heater if I'm getting tank mates.

I'm also on kind of a budget. I don't want make the tank planted because it costs so much more.

So ,any fish or shrimp recommendations?

I also I have not figured out which way I'm going to cycle the tank. Or how to cycle the tank.


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Feb 26, 2020
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Heres a good link for their care.

For tankmates anything that won't pose a problem or gives the cray opportunity to nip should be fine.