Molly - Guppy crossbreeding

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Oct 16, 2020
Hello all, newbie here.

Edited to say, please see my post in the intro section about the tank and stock. Basically we've got female Mollies and male Endler Guppies.

I've been reading with interest several threads about interbreeding.

This is a new tank, set up in January.
We had 2 female Mollies - a Dalmatian, which we still have & an orange faced variety which we have since lost.

The Dalmatian, we discovered, was fertilised, when we bought her. We were surprised, about a month after setting up the tank, to see a pair of tiny fry swimming about!

They survived without getting eaten etc, and we had subsequent drops. The third and last we had was the largest, and we have had to take some of these out of the tank as they got bigger.

The reason for this post is that we have two small "molly" looking fish, which basically got so big and have stopped growing. They have orange colouring, which leaves us to believe that they may be offspring of our orange faced molly, which we lost a while ago.

These 2 are older but much smaller than the current Mollies we have kept, from the last batch of fry, making sure they were females & taking out the males before they reached maturity.

Just curious to know if these two could be offspring from a tiny Endler Guppy male and a much larger female Molly.

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