My 30 gallon tank

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Here Fishy Fishy
Jun 26, 2008
Chicago - Windy City, USA
That tank shape is called a flatback hexagon tank. The tank turned out GREAT!!!

I bought a used one in that shape and it was a LOT dirtier. Took me days of scraping, soaking with vinegar and scrubbing with salt to get it clean.

It was sold as a 33 gallon, but when I put the measurements in on a website, it came back a 40 gallon.

I was told because of the angles of the tank, it makes it look like there are more fish in it than their really are.

Hope you are enjoying your new tank.


Extinct? Since when?
Feb 3, 2008
Great Lakes, Illinois
Real Name
Definitely not David
Thanks everyone. Yeah, depending on where the Neon Tetras are, it seems like there is 11 of them or about 15 of them. I did the math and measured the inside angles of the tank then converted the cubic inches to gallons and I found out that it was 30.13 gallons.

I should send a picture of the tank of how it looks like now to the previous owner. I still have his e-mail address...