My Anole

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Oct 17, 2019
My grandson won this anole in July at a fair, I set up a bioactive vivarium for her. She sheds monthly almost to the date. Once in a while she gets pinhead crickets but mostly lives on mealworms, which I put in a bowl and they are also wild in the vivarium. The ones in the bowl are fed cricket foo, apples etc. And are dusted with vitamins/d3. Her basking temp goes from 81-95, over time it's getting lower, so I think i need to get some new ones. At night in the apartment it can get to 68-72. I mist 2-3 times a day and the humidity stays between 50-65%. I have two fake hanging ivy and the rest are real, that were washed well. I got everything, so I thought. There also is mini white isopods and springtails you can see if you dig at the dirt. For the worms growing in the vivarium, I have two bowls of cricket food/fish food with some vitamins. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.