My little female guppy has really bloody gills.

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Feb 5, 2019
I have a small feeder guppy female, a child of a rescue guppy from a school pet project. I am not a fish keeper
so i have done the best I can with google. But he has really red and bloody gills and underside around the gills
and the only thing i can find is with too much ammonia. But the tank is fresh and the other fish seem fine.
however this is the second fish to develope bloody gills. Except the first one we only noticed as she was dying : (

This is my thinking: I had read about crushing and feeding snails to the guppies as a snack.
So I froze some snails that were getting out of hand in my tank, let them dry, and then crushed them
between my fingers and fed them to the guppies.

I think that this little one might have eaten a sharp peice of the shell and it has cut her mouth or throat
area. I think it might be this because it has never happened before, and has only happened sinse i started
feeding them the snails.

Could this happen? Any other Ideas? I'm really sad to see her in pain and I'm about ready to use
the clove oil to relieve her suffering. : (

Your advice is much appreciated,


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Dec 30, 2005
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Do you have a liquid test kit to take parameters?