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My new fish doesn't have a dorsal fin!


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I got a new goldfish--a shubunkin, I believe. He swims just fine, but when I got him his dorsal fin was almost completely gone! I don'the want to take him back, but I don'the know if there'should anything I can do to help him.

It is all gone except for a small bit of the very back of it. If I hadn'the looked really closely, I would think he was born without one. I'very never come across this problem before.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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I'd monitor and watch for other health issues. Missing fins is usually the result of injury or poor water conditions which resulted in fin rot. It may grow partially back if there is enough remaining, but it will likely be oddly shaped.


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Just to add to the above, are you positive it's a shubunkin and not some type of fancy goldfish? Reason I ask is, some fancy varieties don't have dorsal fins.


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Would love a picture of it.