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my sick dwarf gourami

Discussion in 'Freshwater Newbie Forum' started by tbone, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. tbone

    tbone AC Members

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    Feb 15, 2005
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    Vancouver, Canada
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    Jan 29, 2011
    I started my fish hobby a few months ago I tried to inform myself as much as i could but made a few mistakes so far, but for the most part am doing ok untill now.

    I have a 20 gallon with an aquaflow 150, 1 auquaglow 18 inch light, a bunch of plants that I cant remember the names of. Temp is a steady 26 celcius. Ph is 7.3. Ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites at acceptable levels with weekly 20% water changes, and regular testing. General hardness is 40 and carbonate hardness is 60 mg. There are 2 gold algea eaters, 2 butterfly rams male/female, 5 phantom tetras and 4 dwarf gouramis(yes I realize I made a mistake here with the number of gouramis, I let the salesperson talk me into it being fine) I since stopped shopping at this big box pet store. I found a local smaller fish store that seems to have a genuine care for fish. But i got the gouramis first. I let the tank cycle for a week with no fish then I added the plants for a couple of days then i added the gouramis. a few days later i added the algea eaters waited a week and added the phantoms then finally adding the rams later.

    Everyone in the tank was doing great apart from a little aggression from the gouramis but not exxesive, now that they have their territories sorted out there getting along fine. But the other day I found one gourami swimming funny. He was swimming perpendicular, upside down with his head up then down. I did research and found that he may have a swim bladder problem, or else the other fish would show signs(i think) So i tried doing the thawed pea thing but he would not even touch it. Now hes gotten much worse and I fear he may succom. He started spasming and contorting to one side hed almost curl up an touch his back fin to his mouth. Then i think he gets tired and just lays at the bottom of the tank barely moving and brathing hard. I cant go to the good pet store because i work so many hours its closed by the time im off work. I'm nearing my days off but now hes gotton worse to the point i fear theres no hope. It litterally sickens me to watch him as I am sure hes in much pain. I do not have the money to buy a hospital tank with filtration and everything. This is my last ditch effort to find help...too bad i didnt find this forum sooner. I hope someone can help. I dont want to watch him suffer anymore If he can be saved I would like to.

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