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My summer fishing pictures.

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Okay, so this fathers day my father and I went out to try a new fishing hole that we have never gone to. There are large-mouth bass, bluegill, other members from the Lepomis genus, trout, and salmon later in the year. I live on the columbian river, and can go fishing just down the road from my house (although not the best spot). I mostly enjoy observing the fish in their natural habitat (oh what I would give to go to south america).

Anyways, the load my father and I brought in were 10 blue-gill....well a few blue gill and a few other species related to the blue-gill (Lepomis macrochirus perhaps?). Either way, it was a blast. We only fished for about an hour and caught ourselves dinner. Lucky for us, there is no limit on them in Washington state. There have been times I have caught over 150 in one day (it was a successful, but slow day). I fed a crowd. Like no joke, we cooked it up and served it in a cafeteria.

Here are the pictures:
(taken with phone, please forgive me)

Is this a tilapia? If it is, I can say I ate a cichlid :)

Common garter snake. Very fun to watch while fishing, also fun to pet for a few minutes.

I plan to update with pictures of almost every fish I catch this summer. I hope to go out at least once a week. Just wanted to share :) These are a bony fish, but we have a technique of de-boning, scaling, and making it taste om nom nom good. :drool:
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Some o' the best-eatin' fish out there. Nice haul.
Don't think that first shot was a tilapia, looks more like a native.


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Found out its just a crappie :)

Went fishing today, I took pictures, I will upload them later. Just sunfish, blue-gill and the like. I want to fish for bass (I see at least two, I think they are largemouth) but I just need to get around to getting the proper gear :p It was just catch 'n release today. I went in all the way to my knees and about 20 or so fish surrounded me and started picking at my leg hair, pretty awesome feeling. I also caught 6+ fish without bait I just threw my hook in (I had no need to cast, they were curious about me and were checking me out) and moved it around a little and they attacked it :) I wil try to convince my mother to take me. She never has liked fishing, but she does like reading in nature (and she just a new kindle so she wants to read more now). If I were to fish all day, I could catch 100+ maybe even 200+. But man, that becomes a chore when you go to clean.


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Crappie (pronounced crop-ee) are great to eat! We used to have fish fry every summer with them as the main fish.


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Call it what you want, but I will call it "Dinner"!