MySwtSins' Tank History - and Future!

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Jun 15, 2008
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I was kinda out of the hobby for a few years and upon my return I came back here to find it nicely updated. Wanted to update my signature but now our signatures are limited to 3 hyperlinks so I figured I would make a thread that showcased ALL my tanks in one place. I only intend for this to be like a bookmark page that I will update when I setup a new tank or redo a tank. I would prefer any comments on those tanks be placed within their respectful thread, if applicable. Please do not post on the old threads though, here would be a better option then bumping up those dead threads.

I never made a thread for my first aquarium so here it is.
Started 1/08 with Bio-Spira, I think it was called, a bacteria additive. 3 male cherry barbs and a baby BN pleco. All recommended by my LFS of course.
35 Hex with standard 15w florescent light
Java Fern, anacharis and anubias (So began my struggle with planted tanks! lol) Those plants about died in this "decorative" aquarium.

So I learned more after finding this site and started a REAL planted tank. Although I went through a lot of problems with this tank, shrimp problems mostly, this was one of my all time favorite tanks! It is the inspiration for my current tank I'm putting together.
10g Planted Invert Tank - Retired

Got a 36 bowfront for free and so started my MTS. Not much of a thread or tank...
36 Bowfront - Retired

After coming to the realization that my water was perfectly suited for Rift Lake cichlids I started working on a Mbuna tank. Another of my all time favorites.
72g Mbuna Tank - Retired. This link has links to the planning of the tank and the build portion, a LOT of DIY on this tank. I'd say it is a recommended read. ;)

With project fever still burning I setup this 5.5g for my Betta, who was in a 1.7g. Another good DIY read, mostly pictures.
5.5g DIY Rimless Planted Betta Tank - Retired

And along came the "High Tech Bug"!
33g Flatback Hex - Retired

Then the bug moved to the outdoors! This "pond" only got to the stage of a wet hole in the ground before I realized there was SO much I'd didn't like about it.
Goldfish Pond - Never got going

The 33g hex got an upgrade. Learned a lot from this tank too. Even more so by rereading it years later!
40g Breeder High Tech Planted - Retired

After my Mbuna tank was deemed too aggressive I turned it into a planted tank.
72g Community Planted Tank - Retired. This tank was turned into a castle, fake stump, fake plant tank which I have not had since my first tanks! But I was out voted, no thread or pictures of it now but it is still setup. - Retired early 2018 to make room for new furniture

Started setting up a lake Tanganyka tank but somewhere life got crazy and this tank kinda lingered. I have fish in it now and intend to do SOMETHING with it so I may update that thread or make a new one.
58g RR Lake Tang Tank

4 years after my initial attempt at that pond I got around to putting in the pond I really wanted...well I'd like a 10k Koi pond really but that's another story. ;) Spent 3 straight hours creating that thread, PLEASE check it out!
Goldfish Eco-system

Now getting back into the aquarium hobby I needed a "new" tank. I went through almost all my old threads, reviewing what worked, what didn't (a lot!) and what I enjoyed the most. It was an easy choice.
29g Low Tech Planted Shrimp Tank

That's where I am now. This is no where near a complete listing of my aquariums though. When I had Mbunas and the 40 breeder I had a total of NINE tanks setup. :confused:
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