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Nannacara Anomala Fry


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Just six days after bringing home a trio of these guys a female had spawned in a hollow of one of the driftwood pieces. To be honest, it was a pleasant surprise but some days later I thought the eggs had disappeared and that her continued behaviour was just a lack of knowledge/acceptance of that. Thinking back, they’d probably just hatched and fallen further into the hollow because today I noticed she’d moved from her usual spot and that there were some fry! I can only see four but then this is her first time (unless she’s had others at the lfs) so that doesn’t seem too bad. May be more since it’s difficult to see and I wonder if she’s managed to leave some behind because her new spot for them is a few inches up from the gravel.

I expect the few remaining ones will be picked off soon enough but I’m happy to just see how she goes and let her get some practise in. Not that bothered about breeding them but of course it would be neat if any little ones survive in future spawns.

Hard to get a good photo of her and impossible to see the fry, but here she is:FDCFBB05-3F22-4A6D-A375-A9A604E97044.jpeg


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Great. Good luck on next batch. Hope a few survive.


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All of these soon disappeared but today I discovered eggs again, which was a surprise since I’d thought the male had gotten too rough for the females. He’d gotten territorial for the last week or so and the female who has eggs tonight had been fleeing whenever he came close.

I’m thinking he perhaps is acting that way because the other “female” may actually be a male, it’s colouring/pattern seems to only be female-ish when the male is nearby and I’ve read that less dominant males will do that when kept with the alpha/dominant one. I bought them as a trio of 1m/2f but I may have to contact the shop to see what they think and ask if they’d exchange that one if it is another male (seeing as it’s their mistake in the first place).


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Ooh, nice they're breeding already! Such pretty fish!

What size is your tank? There "may be" room for 2 males if it's, say, a 4 ft tank. It can't hurt to ask your lfs if they'll trade...Can you post pics of all 3?