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NEC 2018: March 16-18


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CELEBRATE St. PATRICK'S DAY WEEKEND WITH ONE OF THE LONGEST RUNNING AQUARIUM HOBBY EVENTS IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE! For over 40 years the Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies Convention has brought hobbyists from all over the world!


* CONVENTION SCHEDULE RELEASED: 21 Programs/Workshops across 13 Speakers. Click our Convention menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/

* VENDOR-TRADE SHOWCASE! Our biggest yet. You do not need to be registered for the Convention to visit and buy at the Showcase.
- Island Discus (livestock)
- Harris in Wonderland (livestock)
- Michael's Fishroom (livestock)
- African Outlet & Cichlids (livestock incl. orchids)
- TwoTankAmin (livestock & dry goods)
- South Central Cichlids (dry goods)
- Fish Freaks Plus (dry goods)
- Super Cichlids (dry goods)
- Aquacarium (dry goods)
- My Aquarium Box (services)
- City of Apes (art)
- Lisa's Lair (books)
- World Pet Association (trade incl. Aquatic Experience)
- Cobalt Aquatics (trade)
- San Francisco Bay/ Ocean Nutrition (trade)
- JBJ Dennerle (trade)
- Zoo Med (trade)
- Amazonas Magazine (trade)

* IFGA GUPPY SHOW: Come view or click our Convention menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/ for entry rules.

* NECA CICHLID SHOW: Come view or click our Convention menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/ for entry rules.

* PHOTO CONTEST: Come view or click our Convention menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/ for entry rules.

* KILLIE EXHIBITION: Come view or contact SNEKA if you would like to exhibit a specimen in this non-competitive Show: http://sneka.org/contact-us/

* NANO TANK CONTEST: Come view or enter to win cash prizes. Limited to first 10 entries. Entry rules: https://northeastcouncil.org/basic-page/nanotank-competition

* CONSERVATION SILENT AUCTION: Enjoy this all weekend. Accepting donations of livestock (critter cages will be available) or any aquatic related item (equipment and dry goods in clean and good shape, publications, vintage stuff, art, no gravel) to the James J. White Memorial Fund. This year’s proceeds benefit The Ocean Foundation (www.oceanfdn.org) and the Coral Restoration Foundation (http://coralrestoration.org/).

* GIANT SUNDAY AUCTION: Open to the public. You do not need to be registered for the Convention to buy or sell fish/plants.Click our Convention menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/ for buyer and seller rules and times.

* FANCY GUPPY AUCTION: at the Saturday IFGA Symposium.

* KILLIE AUCTION: Saturday Night.

* POND PLANT & PARAPHERNALIA AUCTION: at the Saturday Tub Pond/Water Gardening Symposium.

Dinosaur Tracks State Park: http://www.dinosaurstatepark.org/
Mark Twain House: https://marktwainhouse.org/

* CLUB TABLES: for our "Live Stuff Swap Meet" on Saturday. Sell LIVE fish, plants, inverts, or foods (no dry goods) and promote your events. No split! Contact Leslie Dick at necconventionchair@gmail.com to reserve a table and more details.

* MARKET YOUR CLUB BETTER: attend our Saturday Lunch and Learn with Dr. Ted Coletti, marketing Chair for the NEC and NJAS, and a former Consumer Psychologist. Sign up for a Grab-and-Go lunch at the registration room by Saturday AM.

* SPONSOR A SPEAKER: Click our Convention menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/

* NEC BETTY MUELLER AWARD-CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Click our Home menu at https://northeastcouncil.org/

DEADLINE for Special Registration Rate: Feb 28
DEADLINE for Special Room Rate: Mar. 2
Hotel rooms and banquet tickets go FAST, so book early and...

The NEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all-volunteer coalition of aquarium clubs and societies.
And Two Tank Amin is an honest to goodness Aquaria Central member!


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I feel cool that I went to a NEC or 2 back in our Boston-ish days, fun!

Which is Two Tank Amin? I betting 1 of the older guys, lol, but it could be anyone.
I'm not gonna share any real names or anything.... Lest my secret identity be discovered... ;)

But he is much the same as he is here... I don't know how long he has been going to the NEC.

But he is an older and shorter guy (at least vs. me) and know for plecos, I think he has been selling there as a vendor for maybe a couple of years... Not sure how long he has been attending... I've been going there for 5 or 6 years and think he has been in attendance for most all of them.

I did look to see if I could find a video or picture online... But I couldn't, he must be that secretive :)

If you decide you have to attend in the future, though, I can be sure to introduce you.


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I wasn't expecting you to unmask his secret identity, or even your own ;)

I'm pretty sure we've never overlapped at NEC since I moved away in 2011. But if we had I'm 1 of those, ahem, older chatty self introducer types. Although on occasion I can be shy...but not often, lol.
I don't think we attended until 2013, maybe 2012... So just missed you :)


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Wish I could make it. I'm strangely intrigued by the global arowana trade & hobby at the moment..;)


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Looks like a good read!