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NEC Aquarium Convention: April 9-10, 2016


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Hi, everyone. Wanted to let you all now about a great annual event from a non-profit that folks around the country have been attending for over 40 years: The North East Council of Aquarium Societies Annual Convention. Speakers, auctions, shows, livestock vendors, and more. ALL ARE INVITED! The NEC is an all-volunteer 501c3 coalition of aquarium societies and members. The flyer and video below highlight why this event is so popular. This year the NEC is celebrating it's 60th Anniversary and we expect it to be one our biggest Cons yet.
Thanks - Ted
Our website is: http://northeastcouncil.org/NewNEC/index.php/schedule
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/813100388803705/

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OUR BIGGEST AQUARIUM VENDOR EXPO EVER!..for the NEC Diamond Anniversary Convention! Open to the Public: Apr 3 at The Sheraton in Rocky Hill, CT. Here's the roster:

* AFRICAN OUTLET & ORCHIDS: Specializing in African Cichlids and rare flowering orchid plants!

* FRANK's AQUARIUM: The original online source for freshwater shrimp, inverts, gobies and brackish & freshwater fish. Books too! Visit and contact Frank athttp://www.franksaquarium.com/ for Convention pre-orders and species inquiries. Log on regularly as Frank will be updating his inventory list.

* HARRIS IN WONDERLAND: With its storefront in Avon, Connecticut, Harris in Wonderland is your best retail source for freshwater and marine fish, corals and invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. On-line sales and pre-orders at www.harrisinwonderland.com. Owner Seth Harris, son and staff, look forward to serving you!

* LISA's LAIR BOOKSTORE: Specialists in Pet Care books with ever increasing number of titles for the care of aquarium fish.Also have an expanding Science Fiction and Fantasy section. Stocking the smaller, lesser known publishing companies that have titles not easily found. Pre-Order at http://www.lisaslairbookstore.com/

* SOUTH CENTRAL CICHLIDS high-quality handmade ceramic breeding caves used for decades by hobbyists and breeders. Created in their Port Monmouth facility, SCC caves are made with natural stoneware clay, sanded to remove rough edges, and fired to render them fully vitrified. They will not leach chemicals nor break down over time. Send them an email at sccichlids@aol.com for inquires.

* SUPER CICHLIDS: Specializing in quality African Cichlids and speciality foods including Paradigm and NorthFin. Pre-Order at https://www.facebook.com/Super-Cichlids-775588869148528/…

* TWO TANK AMIN: Rare Plecos! Inverts! Mid & Top Water Species! Plus gently used filters and other equipment. Hobbyist raised and hobbyist owned.

* YOUR FISH STUFF (YFS): Bill & Yvonne Arndt created YFS in 2004 to specialize in dry goods for the serious hobbyist at DISCOUNT prices. Thousands of satisfied customers know YFS is the place for quality unique fish foods, fishroom supplies, and aquascaping materials. Bulk sizes available. Pre-order athttp://www.yourfishstuff.com/NEC.


* AMAZONAS MAGAZINE combines hands-on, cutting-edge aquarium advice with definitive and lavishly illustrated reports on fishes, invertebrates, and aquatic plants, field trips to tropical destinations, and the latest in husbandry and breeding breakthroughs by expert aquarists from around the globe. Stop by the Amazonas table for your complimentary copies of Amazonas and Coral magazines!http://www.amazonasmagazine.com/

* COBALT AQUATICS aim is to bring the highest quality products to market. Cobalt Aquatics now features a product mix of hundreds of items from flake food to frozen mysis shrimp, to the original MJ pumps, to award winning heaters and the innovative Egg Rockers. Cobalt has grown to a worldwide aquarium product company. Visit them at www.cobaltaquatic.com

* NATURE's TALK SHOW: Owners Tom Lats and Mary Fetters along with Radio Show Host Ken Boorman and wife Lisa will be in attendance, bringing state of the art equipment to do live YouTube streaming and interviews from our vendor room, Podcasts at: http://naturestalkshow.com/

* SAN FRANCISCO BAY BRAND: From its beginnings in 1934, SFBB’s goal is to provide the most nutritious foods available that are closest to each species natural diet. They continue to provide research to develop new diets to enhance the lives of each aquatic pet. Check them out at www.sfbb.com

* TFH PUBLICATIONS has been at the forefront of pet publishing for over half a century, creating and sustaining publications for owners of a wide variety of companion animals. It's Tropical Fish Hobbyists Magazine has been The World's Most Trusted Source of Information About the Fascinating World of Fishkeeping for over 60 years. Stop by the TFH table for your complimentary copy of TFH magazine! http://www.tfhmagazine.com/

* ZOO MED: the #1 Reptile products company worldwide! Founder Gary Bagnall is a hobbyist at heart and produces cutting edge Aquarium products as well, including innovative foods, lighting, and aquascasping products. http://zoomed.com/

See all our Vendors and info about our speakers, fish show, auctions, and more athttp://northeastcouncil.org/NewNEC/index.php/convention. Watch our video at

The NEC is a 501c(3) non-profit coalition of aquarium societies.
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