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Never wanted one before!

Ian h

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I have a quick (hopefully) question. Today I saw a Betta I actually wanted! Can I put a Betta with my Halequins, cory's and oto's? I do have plants and it's 30x18 tank


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Yes, those fish (but not yoyos or rainbows) should be fine. What size tank are we talking about? 1 of your 20g's?
Assuming splendens, I would keep an eye (and a cound) on the harlequins, it may be fine, it might not.

Ian h

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Yes in one of my 23gal tanks, I can't remember what kind it is. It's a white-ish pink colour lol
it looked like this

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Should be fine, but like said, you need to keep an eye on things.

The problem I've had keeping a male betta or a group of females in a community setting is, they tend to over eat given the chance to.


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Yeah, that's labeled splendens. It's a hybrid, really, that's been line bred to have long fins and color variations.


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Rasboras don't have teeth in the front of their mouths like tetras & some others do, they can't do much. I've only read of nippy harleys a couple times ever & I was skeptical then.