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New additions, help with id please

Got a few new additions, could use some help with identifying them please. I did ask there names in the shop but had forgotten by the time i got home.

I think this is some sort of Acropora?

Acanthastrea lordhowensis?

I'm pretty sure this is a Dragon Soul Favia?
Im really stuck with the id of the first pic.
I know the second is a Acan and the third is a Favia but really could use some help with the first one please.


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Wish I could help!


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sent a message to sploke to see if he could pop in


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I've never been any good with the crazy colloquial names people come up with for coral. I would agree that yes it is probably some sort of acro. It doesn't help that I'm colorblind, so terrible at picking out nuances in colors...what color is it?


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Acropora aculeus? Looks like a green aussie.

Thanks for the replys, was told by lfs it was one of the easier sps to look after. Will do some more googling now i know what to search for.


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I am really bad with IDs as well. When I first seen the picture it looked like some gorgonian to me. Until I seen that you think it might be an acro. Going from softie (gorgonian) to sps (acropora) is not a whole lot of help. So I didn't answer the first time I seen it days ago.


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First one is an acropora, but identifying from a picture is nearly impossible since the appearance can change so much with lighting. Either way, the care for the acro is all pretty much the same.