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New fishkeeper here!

Ian h

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Hey everyone,
I just added 3 Red ere tetras and 2 Cory catfish to my new tank. 2days in now and the Corys are eating and playful (since day 1) but my Red eyes are just sitting in the corner . They seem to be eating but they're not being active at all. Any clue?
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New tank and new environment can cause them to hover in a corner or back of the tank. Give them couple of more days and they should be out.

How big is the tank and how long has it been up before adding fish?

Ian h

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23 gal Tank, was up for 6days. All my water tests have come back perfect. I test twice a day. They seems to be more normal at night.
I think you're right. They just need to get use to the tank and me lol
I am going to add 2 more next week to make them feel a little more comfortable. Same with Cory's.
How new is the tank?

What are the numbers from your most recent water test

Was the tank cycled?


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The tank isn’t fully cycled, I suggest on waiting on additional fish till the tank is fully cycled. Which takes about a month or so to do.


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Read the freshwater cycling sticky at the top of thread. Youll need a kit that can test nitrite and nitrates.


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a little over a week old, N02,No3 : 0 , PH: 6, Ammonia: 0 ,Alkli: 80, Hardness: 80
No nitrates generally indicates a tank without a nitrogen cycle. Your pH, hardness, etc.. should mirror your water source. Is your tap water a pH of 6? That is quite low/acidic.