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New sump idea help

Discussion in 'General Freshwater' started by Goldiefan997, May 15, 2018.


what do you think is the Best general biological filter media

Poll closed May 29, 2018.
  1. Bio balls

    0 vote(s)
  2. Ceramic rings

    0 vote(s)
  3. Seachem Matrix stones

  4. Alfagrog ceramic Media

    0 vote(s)
  5. Plastic K1 K2 K3 Media

    0 vote(s)
  6. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Goldiefan997

    Goldiefan997 AC Members

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    Apr 20, 2018
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    Sep 2, 2018
    Hi all
    I've got a 24L rectangular tank that was the original tank I had my 3 goldfish in
    Now I have them in the bigger tank /225L/
    I am thinking I could convert the 24 into a sump instead of using a canister filter 2000lph
    I have never done this before so could anyone help me to plan the dlof rate ect the actual building I will be fine with doing my own research but I appreciate the value of experienced tips in all aspects of this
    So I mostly need to know if a 24l sump will provide enough filtration I have a 1000lph as well as but I'm waiting to do this in a way that it would be enough on its own,
    What flow rate would be enough I am thinking of about 3-4000lph, what media is best in a sump I currently use about 3 trays of bio media 1 of each ,sechem matrix,bio balls, and ceramic rings,
    Im thinking a layer of the matrix then the balls flowing and banging around to provide biological and mechanical filtration along with maximum aeration
    It's a heavily stocked tank , I have 3 fancy goldfish two Black Moors and a fantail I have fair amount of neon tetras around 30 and around 20 cherry barbs and a gibbiceps pleco
    I currently don't work so I have plenty of time to do maintenance but have injuries to my spine which make it more difficult but I'm not worried about you have a stocking because I can provide plenty of maintenance to take every day I do regular water changes anywhere between daily 20l to every other day I can do up to 60% if I want but I mostly just try and do a 40% water change every three to five days and every two weeks at least a 60% change along with regular cleaning of the gravel but it has just been planted with lots of different plants so while they're starting to root I'm going to take it easy on the gravel cleaning because the goldfish like to disturb the plants and now so I need to try and let them grow I noticed a significant drop my night rates over the last week and a half since they went in which I was having trouble with before because my tap water has a considerable amount in anyway site made it hard to keep levels down which is part of the reason why I decided to go with that so that was also take into consideration with the sum something to help clean up after the plants and the nitrate something that will help with that and to make sure it has plenty of oxygen at night mostly because of the plants I currently have an airstone and a flexible air air bubble walking but I have different air stones and that that I can use I have silicone for any more occasions I use this is more of a theoretical idea I currently have the two filters are well established I don't plan on changing but if the sump will provide a significant upgrade over the two filters or over one or the other then I will definitely consider it but I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I even start doing anything which is why I'm doing this post I really do appreciate any help and advice given.
    A small piece of information I believe is important at the moment my fish tank is currently on the floor with MDF under it to make sure it's level in my living room,
    I don't believe this has any effect to the sumps placements except for that it is placed besides it being next to each other I'm not worried about how things look ,
    I have 2 1600 litre per minute pumps and a 1200 litre per minute, on hand that I can use there they're all from all pond Solutions,
    I know I will need to buy a new pumps to achieve the flow right I was thinking about but I will take advice to the playwright what people think I should be using for my tank I understand that certain amount of flow rate over the biological Media is important because the bacteria needs to be in contact with the chemicals in the water and for oxygenation and stuff like that but I'm not entirely sure about it so thanks for the help
    (I do understand that that tank was too small for pretty much any fish so that's why I now have a much larger tank )
    Any questions please ask

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