North Jersey Aquarium Society Monthly Meetings: 2016

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Feb 9, 2007
Hi, everyone. If you live in the NY-NJ-CT Metro Area:
  • Jan 21: Paul Loiselle: "What, if anything, is a Barb?"
  • Feb 18: Stephan Tanner "Let's breed them before they vanish: A Pleco talk."
  • Mar 17: TBA.
  • Apr 03: NJAS GIANT AUCTION FUNDRAISER! Days Hotel, East Brunswick, NJ
  • Apr 21: Ted Coletti: "Montezumae Swordtails: 3 Centuries of Scams & Strains."
  • May 19: Anthony Mazzeroll: "Cambodian Aquarium Fish."
  • Jun 16: Rachel O’Leary: "Dwarf Hillstream Fish."
  • Jul-21: Paul Loiselle: "Dwarf Killifish"
  • Sep-15: Sandy Moore: Anti-Trade Legislation
Our meetings are held at the Quality Inn, 10 Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ (just off the Rt.17 / Rt.3 Junction near Lincoln Tunnel and NJ Turnpike. Port Authority Express Bus stop across street). Doors open 7:30 PM and feature a door prize, raffles, sales table, plant/fish-of-the-month, breeders and growers award programs, and an auction of hard-to-find and quality fish, plants & dry goods. Meet and greet hobbyists from around the region. All are welcome!

The North Jersey Aquarium Society is an all-volunteer State-registered non-profit hobby organization.

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