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Christopher Rutherford

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Mar 21, 2018
Hi guys,just joined.I had a gourami with a bent spine,read that its probably TB.Unfortunately I do not have a quarintine tank,so the fish was euthanized.Very upset about that but I didn't see any other options.My question is what else could it be? If anything.It just showed up in the last week.The tank is a 96 gallon corner bow with 20 fish.Its filtered with 2 Hydor 600 canisters.Ammonia 0,PH 6.8,Nitrate approx 35 ppm,nitrite 0.Both GH and KH are approx 50-100 ppm.The other fish in the tank show no signs of disease and have good appetites.Should I do anything at this point? I'm quite nervous many of these fish I've had for guite some time.My Koi angels are 7 years old.Thanks ahead of time for any info or suggestions


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Aug 14, 2001
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Bent spines can be a sign of aging, or calcium deficiency. It can't be cured in either situation, though it wouldn't be contagious.

If it WAS TB, you will want to be very careful working in the tank and use gloves if you have any open wounds. Mycobacterium infections are not fun.