Ocypode Quadrata advice?

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Feb 11, 2013
Chicago, IL
I recently out doing field work and returned from the beach with several material samples, and to my surprise, a ghost crab had hitched a ride in one of the sample containers. I wasn't able to return him to where he was collected, so I decided to set up a 10 gallon brackish tank I had in the closet for him. I remembered having fiddler crabs when I was younger, and I figured the care would be similar (half land/water, salinity, etc). However, I am having quite a bit of trouble finding information on rearing Ocypode spp. in captivity.

I was wondering if anyone else with a bit more invertebrate experience could give me some advice? He seems to be eating healthy amounts of dried shrimp and bits of algae wafers. One of my concerns is that the argonite sand I'm using as the substrate may be too sterile for a detritus feeder.