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One shrimp left and it's pregnant


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I would value advice on how I could ensure my only surviving red cherry shrimp lives until it gives birth. I started out with 7 from Petco around two weeks ago, placed them in a net breeder in a 29 gallon tropical tank with floating plants, and watched as one after the other passed away. This is not my first time owning shrimp; at times, I've gotten them to last for at least a few months before losing them to changing water parameters, moulting, looking at them the wrong way, etc. I decided to give them another try after setting up my 29 gal (it's been running for about two years). Less likelihood of water fluctuations in such a large tank. The water temperature remains steady at all times at 79 degrees. Tank parameters remain 0 ammonia, 0 nitrate, and 0-5ppm nitrate (my tap water has nitrates.) I typically only perform a 20 percent water changed once a week. I lost the first five shrimp before the scheduled water change, but I think they succumbed to moulting issues - my tap water supply is also soft and slightly acidic, but my local Petco uses the same county water source. I also use the special substrate that's supposed to raise KH in the water to make the shrimp more comfortable. Before this Friday's water change, I added dechlorinator to the change-water, let it sit overnight, then siphoned out less than usual. The remaining two females seemed to be fine, swimming around and eating vigorously until I came home after grocery shopping today to find one dead. The other is alive for now, hiding in the floating plants, which I know is normal for a berried female. Any tips on how I can reduce stress for her? I'm eager to see some shrimplets. The last berried female I had a few years back disappeared never to be seen again. TIA.

The temperature seems a little high to me, I would likely be trying to drop that by 10 degrees or so.

I also don't think a net breeder is ideal.. personally I would prefer a tank just for the shrimp.

You could maybe try doing 10% water changes twice a week to see what happens,

But knowing what all is in the aquarium would help, decorations and fish. As well as knowing how you feed. Also knowing if you have medicated the aquarium in the past and if so what was used.


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Thanks, dougall! The 29 gallon has a school of 6 harlequin rasboras, a sparkling gourami, three kuhli loaches, and a rainbow stiphodon. This is a planted tank; I dose with API CO2 booster about twice a week. Lights are only on around 5 hours/day. If the temp is too high, then I see your point about the tank just for the shrimp. I was leaning towards this if the shrimp proved to be hardy because I've been so unsuccessful keeping them in smaller tanks alone or with compatible tankmates. I will begin slowly lowering the temp, tonight, but because of the tank's other occupants, I want to stay around 76 degrees.

I feed all livestock every other day with pellet or flake food. The shrimp get NatGeo shrimp and lobster pellets, which they really seem to enjoy. The 29 gal doesn't receive any medication; I have a hospital tank for that. Thanks, again.
Out of everything, I would check for the gourami harassing the shrimp, possibly the loaches.

My shrimp tank is maybe 73 degrees, just because that is room temperature. And they do just fine. They are alone though, just with a couple of otocinclus.

There are likely 100s of them,if you were close you would be more than welcome to some.


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How soft is your water? Do you know the TDS level? What is the substrate you are using and how high is your KH?

I keep my Neocaridina at 72 degrees, tds around 160ppm, kh under 3.

the loach

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Cherry shrimp are subtropical and can be kept at room temperature. I have a tank with them and they're at around 60 degrees right now... they are fine and active as ever. If your water is low on minerals you could add some plant fertilizer... they have additives for shrimp as well.


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Thank you for the responses! Unfortunately, she dropped the eggs when she moulted last night.
She was still alive when I left for work this morning so I'm going to set up a species-only tank with the 29 gal tank water and media and buy her some friends. You all taught me a lot; thank you!