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Opae Ula Halocardina AKA Hawaiian Volcano shrimp Pico reef compatible?


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So I got an Evolve 8, its going to be invert only I think. My stocking plan at the moment, rock flower nem, maybe small BTA, ric's, zoa's, 4-6 sexy shrimp, 1-2 pom pom crabs, 2-3 dwarf hermits, a few snails. I have no concerns about issues with that stocking but I'd like to throw in some of the volcano shrimp to if they aren't going to be a waste of money, my concern is them becoming food for either sexy's or an anemone. Oh and the slight chance they themselves may eat coral.


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Sounds like a nice tank! Look forward to seeing it.

I know you said you are good with the stock plan but BTA may take over that tank quick and its gonna be tough to provide flow without the BTA being pretty close to a PH.

Can't help with the volcano shrimp. Never heard of or seen one.


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Yeah I know a BTA would be pushing it for that size tank but I have couple in my other tank that occasionally split so I'm hoping to be able to keep new splits in there for awhile then trading them out when new smaller ones become available in the other tanks. I got one now that would be perfect only like 2"

You may of seen sealed ecosystems they sometimes sell the shrimp in a sealed glass container with some moss, they can live in freshwater to above natural seawater salinity