Paradise Fish breeding/ Introduction

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May 5, 2015
Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this site so I'm not really sure what to expect. I've been viewing previous posts trying to get as much information as possible on breeding my paradise gouramis. i couldn't get as much specific information as i wanted to which lead me to creating an account and asking for advice.

This spawning between my paradise gouramis was very unexpected but with the help of this site and other articles i was able to get to the point i am at now without the whole thing becoming a huge bust. I cut a styrofoam cup in half (length ways) and secured it to the side of my tank with tape for the male to make his nest and as soon as it was in there he went to work. he had been making a bubble nest in some floating water sprites which became dislodged because of too much current from the filters. i fixed that problem and the water is completely still now. the female was removed after i assumed they were done with their business (the hint was the male constantly chasing her away from the nest).

Now my problem is i don't know what to do next. the eggs hatched last night and the male isn't watching over the nest as closely as he was. should i remove him or leave him until the fry are free swimming? i have set up a 10 gallon fry tank that I'm trying to cycle now with the help of two of my angelfish and some smart start complete live bacteria. another question is how do i remove the fry from the larger tank to the 10gal safely without killing them? i would leave them in the tank they're in but I'm afraid my two filters will suck them up as soon as they try and go for my java moss for cover.

so basically my questions are:

when should i remove the male?

when should i remove the fry?

and how do i remove the fry safely?




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May 11, 2013
You can move the male once they have hatched for 24 hours. The fry will not be movable for a good month at least. What do you plan to feed the fry??? Feeding fry is the hard part. If you want help drop me a line at


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Jun 9, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
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You're going to need infusoria cultures for those babies, you can look up ways to culture it on youtube. I've found that leaving them with dad until they're totally free swimming is the best idea. Cover your filter intake with a sponge and baffle the current as much as possible because they're not the best swimmers when they're new. A sponge filter is really your best bet, they're easy to DIY and cheap to buy pre-made. I have found that these fry do best for me in a "dirty" tank with lots of leaf litter and microorganisms to hunt for. They grow pretty quick, my oldest spawn that I have is just shy of three months old and they're quickly surpassing 1" in length. It's important to keep the air around the surface of the tank warm and humid while they're developing their labyrinth organ (around 2ish weeks old), so I would definitely follow the suggestion The Dave made and cover your tank with saran wrap to protect them from any cool drafts. They're really fun to raise, they're super personable and will all gather to greet you for food when they're as small as 1/4" (which is super cute). Good luck with your fry!
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