Pea puffer thin and face down

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Lord dendrodoa

Registered Member
Jan 21, 2020
Hi guys

I came home yesterday to find my little pea puffer (had since 6/12/2019) face down in the gravel. I thought he was dead but when I looked his eye was moving. I tried to offer him a snail with the forceps (he recognises and comes to them for food) but he didn't react. I dropped the snail infront of him and still no reaction.

Looking at him closely he is very thin, in the backend, swims only when I force him too (gentle blow with a pipette), and he has a bent in his spine toward his tail when lying but not when swimming. Frances looks normal when removed from the gravel.

Parameters are as follows
pH - 7.2
Temp - 24c
Nitrite - 0
Ammonia - 0

The tank is well planted and a small airstone for agitation. Feeding is normally every second day.

I have ordered prazipro hopefully it turns up tomorrow. Any ideas of what could be the cause would be helpful. Also added a pic of him.IMG_20200121_225042601.jpg

the loach

AC Members
Aug 6, 2018
Sorry to say, but he's not going to make it and the Prazipro won't do anything.... you could try something anti bacterial but it might be poor stock, genetical or a virus (or all of the above) it's impossible to tell, in which cases an antibiotic won't be effective either. Once a fish is floating or lying like this on the gravel it's too late.