Pictures of my freshwater setups.

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Sea Bunny
Oct 14, 2010
South Florida
Had quite a bit of change in the house lately. Got the fiancee's 75g moved in and consolidated nearly all the smaller tanks down. Now it is just the 75g, 40g and 28g.

The 75g. Mostly a death-trap for anything under 2"...

Full Tank Shot.

One of the Dempsey. There is a pair in there, but they are rather timid. I only got this shot because they got upset over me trying to take a picture on the other side of the tank.

Jewel Cichlid.

Jewel Cihlid, Golden Gourami (moved from the 40g), and one of the two Plecos.

Pictus Catfish (orginially from my 40g).

Frillfin Goby.

The centerpiece of the tank. It was labeled as a Marbled Eel. Appears to be some type of Swamp Eel, but based on growth-rate I doubt it is actually a Marbled Swamp Eel. Still quite the interesting creature. Mostly comes out at night but if you hold a dead fish or prawn near his home he'll come racing out to snatch it from you (and eye your fingers as possibly dessert).

40 Breeder. A slow process of consolidation and downsizing has drastically changed this tank...

Full tank shot.

Left Side.


Right Side.

The only piece of equipment in the tank. Unless you stand right in front of the tank it is absolutely silent.

Part of the Tiger Barb school.

Buffalo Head cichlid.

Didn't really get a lot of pictures of the individual fish since they are either hiders or darting all over the place.
The 28g didn't get any pictures yet, but it isn't much to look at. I was gonna break it down, but the kid wanted to keep it in the room (now her room) so it became a home to some Fancy Goldfish.


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Dec 30, 2005
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Mr. Normal
Looking good!


finkids make me happy :-)
Mar 17, 2008
Deadmonton, lol, Canada
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Sherry N.
lookin' good! tank maintenance days are going to be so much easier for you now, with just a few tanks.

one thing i'd keep an eye on, is that gourami in the 75 with the cichlids. you may find the gourami gets picked on, especially by the jewel (jewels can be nasty lil fish when they want to be).


Sea Bunny
Oct 14, 2010
South Florida

Changed the powerhead to a Hydor Evo-Mag. Same power as the previous one but a 1/3 the size. Tank now appears to have next to no equipment in it. :thm:

The Elodea died back for some reason. The Ludwigia has replaced it (Broadleaf I think, but it was harvested locally so who knows). Also added in some type of grass-like plant that was growing all over one of the local ponds/canals.


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Pretty pretty pretty!!! :)