Please help me and snail

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Nov 23, 2021
Hi everyone im VERY VERY new to some stuff so please bear with i bought a tank off facebook for cheap the guy left the stuff in the bottom it was a planted tank.. Rocks and black stuff that turns to powder when u touch it.. And lots of "algae?" in Bottom.. Also a 406 fluval already cycled with all sponges inside for my fish tank.. I just figtured id clean tank later and put fluval on my 55 gal.. Omg when i got home i started to clean up the tank and found two little snails tiger striped .. One was good but the other had a cracked shell.. But the crack was soooo odd .a crack but very wide like piece missing and another in complete round circle... 😭 i tried to ask the guy about it never got answer... I dont know if i dod this when moving tank and rocks hit it or what anyways ive tried and read and tried to fix it without gluing something to her shell.. Watched utube video... Cuttle bone calcium clean water. And i also have kept cycled fluval on the snails instead. Its been over a month maybe 2 and a half and no improvement but she doesnt seem bothered by it to much she VERY VERY active motors around doing laps all day long never seems to rest very long. So i just have been doing same thing cause it seemed to work... But no improvement on shell... NOW today theres white stuff bottom on rim of shell🙁 and shes slowed down alot... Can anyone help me on the white stuff and what should i do about her shell? Also i bought some flukers liquid calcium but not sure if its safe i cant find any info on it for snails... Ill post pics too my heart is broken for her💔






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Jun 7, 2019
Your Nerite snail seems to be doing fine. I believe the white stuff is evidence of the early repair process (’healing’). The white stuff should in time change color. If fish are not bothering the snail, I would leave alone and be happy is producing new shell. Regarding calcium additions - I believe you don’t need that. In fact, that can mess up redux balance, pH and others in your tank. If it has been a month, the snail is coping fine thanks to your good care and saving it. Let it be. It will reward you soon with a healed shell.