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Pleco Harming Other Fish in Tank?


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I keep loosing guppy fish and I can't find the bodies or remains of any bodies... could it be possible that my plecos are eating the bodies of the fish? Could they be killing them maybe?
Here is a picture of my pleco

image source (found similar photo to my pleco)


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Here is what I know. I have a high fin pleco and they are known to be territorial. However, when a fish dies sometimes your other fish will eat them. It's sad, but it is natural.


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You pleco looks to be 1 that grows to 18 inches & is pretty thin. (I'm guessing a gibbiceps)

What size is your tank?

Any fish that is starving will attack other fish or eat dead 1s.

How many guppies & other fish do you have? What is your maintenance schedule?