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Jul 8, 2008
new jersey
i got 6 discus from pops during his last sale. they are all happy,healthy and beautiful. i got to view his fishroom and its very clean and really cool. he really knows what he is doing and so does his wife. looking forward to their the next sale. thanks again for the beautiful fish pops. ill post some pics when i get my camera fixed.


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Oct 3, 2008
Central Vermont
Got three discus from pops and they are all doing great.
Very helpful and the communication was great as well.
Thanks pops
Highly recommended!!


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Oct 15, 2008
Pops discus are fantastic. I've got 6 and they're all doing just great.

His secret fish lair is also amazingly well done. Put together, neat and he really cares about the fish. Not just pretends to care, but like surgical washup before going in kind of care.

Very impressive.


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Mar 17, 2008
Here is a PM we recieved from someone on AC.

Re: Woods are in transit

Hey Pops got the shrimp today!!
At first i was scared since normally i get my mail/deliveries early in the morning.. and well the mail came but no packages.. well after i came back from post office BAM package..
The shrimps scared me lol I didnt expect for them to be so huge.. i mean d@mn they are as big as shrimp one eats lol
I added them both to the tank.. one is acting a bit stressed but the other is exploring the tank well.

Thanks again for the shrimp and it was a pleasure doing business with you. If anyone i come across needs angels/discus ill be sure to send them your way.


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Feb 10, 2007
Mansfield, OH
Ordered 6 Discus; the most spectacular discus I've seen. Shipping was rough on them, one didn't make it. Pops backed it up and sent new; good communications at all times. Highly reccommended for anyone looking for discus. Thanks Pops!


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Jan 6, 2009
Pops, I see you are located in PA. I am new here and also in eastern PA. Would like to check out your tanks. Where exactly are you located?



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Aug 12, 2009
Ripped Off by PopPopsfish (John)

I paid $24 thru PayPal on July 4 for a gallon of an aquarium optimizer product which I had sampled in my tank and which I had initially gotten from John (Poppopsfish). It was never received and I live in PA, not all that far from his location. A week and a half later, I emailed John (poppop) to find out if my order was shipped and I was then told it would ship on July 15 via UPS. I still did not receive my order, and poppop has not had the courtesy to respond to my inquiries when (1) I asked for a tracking number, (2) asked what's happened to my product, (3) asked for the return of my $24, or (4) even when I filed a case with PayPal. Not a single response, not a shred of courtesy or decency.

I've also noticed that www.poppopsfish.com has REMOVED their contact phone number from their website (the big gap of space in between "We are located in Reading Pennsylvania (USA)" and "3 PM to 8 PM EST" is where it used to be).


After many emails and a few phone calls to his cell phone and the phone number that was on my PayPal invoice and on the back label of one of the products I had gotten from him a few months ago, asking for info or requesting my $24 back, especially since I'm unemployed and had to scrape together the money to order the product, John has still not had the courtesy to respond and has certainly not had the decency to return my $24. He did not respond to PayPal, either, when I was left with no choice but to open a case with them, since I did pay him thru PayPal. PayPal has gotten me a whopping $0.38 back of the $24 I paid.

If anyone is in doubt about the above, I have all of the emails regarding this matter saved on my computer.

Connie from East Stroudsburg, PA