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Possible Tumor on Shubunkin!!!!


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I think my shubunkin has a tumour can anyone advise me? He's only about 6 month old. Poor baby. He eats ok and swims around like normal but the limp has grown very quickly (about 3weeks) is there anything I can do for him?
Thanks for reading



Luna Siciliani

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This is our 5 almost year old Ryukin . Tuttie We love her more than words can express Tuttie has experienced such tummors on the other side of her back. I treated the 90 gallon tank with a natural tea tree remedy for Golfish with previous swellings. Which actually worked excellent. They scar tissue is minimal on her right side.
Yet now the swelling on her left side developed to be huge. I was panicked as to what to do. I treated her with the tea tree. Water changes. Fresh veggies. FINALLY,, the swelling grew so large,, I think Tuttie was ready to fish SURGERY . I've seen the actual surgery done.
This tumor was so large . I went to bed thinking I might loose him. Then I woke and the tumor had POPPED? SINCERELY . TUTTIE ACTED AS IF SHE FELT FANTASTIC!? It was very odd. We did a complete tank cleaning, water change, then remedicate, after refilled.
Tuttie seemed better, more active? Happy. This is a 11 inch long Ryukin Goldfish/family. An unusual DARLING who I've had nearly 6 years. We've seen eachother hrough many life and death extremes . She lost a large piece of fin, I had to have a hip replacement?
Tuttie assisted me with another adoptee fish~ who was having difficuly oxygenation trouble surfacing. She watched me bring him to the top then wiggled under and repeated what I was doung to try and save the new fishes life. TUITTIE is special.
In any case. TUTTIE was doing better one her tumor popped. Yet now she's started to seem, listless? Not as active? Laying down alOt. She used to sit on her tail like a Throne
She has been less energetic and listless again Her partner Soggy who is a 4 year old female is in perfect health , perfect scales body. Ziggy has never had a Tummor. Yet he sit by Tutties side keeping company with compassion .
I wish I had more advice. I hope our experience sheds some light. I used the natural Tea tree SO I product.
I feed them a green pea. I cut up zuchinni ultra tiny? I wish I could take her pain again. I KNOW Soggy feels the same. If you knew a fish to be special and feel litterally jovial? You can tell when they feel icky?

I'm not sure if anything I've written is helpful? I hope it is helpful knowing, others have stood where you stand and they're enormous Ryukin had another 2 years +
And Tuttie will probably have more year's.
I certainly hope you have some answers! Wishing you and your fish
If ANYONE has any knowledge, ideas or reccomendations regarding the treatment of tummers that pop on a Ryukin
Treatment and how to Avoid
Any would be greatly appreciated.
Wish all well

Our shubunkin looks like it has a tumor on her left side back!! What causes this?? Will it kill her?? Will it affect the other fish?? Is there anything to treat her with??

PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! :confused::confused::confused: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Luna Siciliani

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she is still doing great!! the bump has not gotten any bigger. still eating and looking very healthy!!!
Have you tried the Green tea product made for fishy swellings?
Worked on Tuttie a little.
We do dye free food. Veggies, huge tank and still, Tuttie developed ANOTHER ! We have read with Ryukin it's definitely part of breeding.
Good luck.