Product Review: AquaGenie 40 HOB

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Jul 3, 2009
MFG: AquaGenie Aust Pty Limited

Model: AquaGenie 40 HOB


Price Range: $89 (for 2)

Pros: No cartridges to replace. There is a small carbon cartridge that is a wear item, but
I don't normally run carbon on my tanks anyway so I don't use them. The filter is
cleaned by a simple backflushing procedure.

Cons: Limited availability is the most obvious, closely followed by having to buy 2 at
once. They're only available on the internet and this will most likely not change.
The lack of residual sales of cartridges will keep most brick & mortar sellers from
carrying them.

Star Rating (out of 5): ****

Time in Use: approx 1 month

Quality and Value for the Money: It's built as well as any other hob style filter. Price is
a bit high, but the savings in cartridges will offset
the initial cost in a relatively short period of time.

Comments: I obtained mine as a freebie from the US distributor. It sat for a while
until I put it on an established tank to seed the Bio Pearls with bacteria.
I ran it for 3 weeks on that tank before putting it on a 20 gal containing
a colony of Montezuma Swords. In the last week NH3 and NO2 levels have
remained at "0". The only issue I had was when I first set it up on the
established tank. It has an intake tube with a joint near the top, and the
first two nights it ran it lost prime. The tank was running with a lowered
water level and this joint was above water level. Air leaked in and stopped
the filter. Raising the water level above the joint prevented a recurrence,
and the tank it runs on now has a lowered water level. Filter has run with
no issues, probably due to biofilm sealing the joint. All in all not a bad unit.