Product Review: Penguin 200B Power Filter

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MTS Survivor
Mar 17, 2010
N. California
Penguin 200B Power Filter

***** 5 stars

Made by: Marineland
Paid: $24.99
200 gph, for up to 50 gallon tank
9¼" rim hanging width
9" adjustable length intake tube

Complete BIO Wheel 3 stage filtration
Extra pocket for additional filter or media of your choice
Good quality for a great price. What more do you need?
Intake tube can take water from bottom AND middle
No worries even with large water changes
3 year warranty

The BIO wheel is great for beneficial bacteria, but does it really eliminate nitrite on contact as advertised? Not according to my test kit. Then again, I never expected it to. I only now saw that claim on the box.

Other comments:
My plexiglass top required altering, so I took a soldering iron and cut out a rectangular piece where the filter would hang. After that, it was basically plug it in and forget about it. It's kept the water crystal clear without changing the filter nearly as often as suggested. They're not expensive, I just haven't found it necessary. The fish are tickled and I'm so happy I'm getting another one for my new tank.
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