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question about water flow

Looking to add more water flow to my tank, i have a red sea max c250 (65g) with 106 gallon per hour flow. Im looking to have a mixture of sps and lps corals eventually and want to know how much more flow i would need.


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In a reef tank, I would try for about 10X to 15 X total turn-over flow.

EX; If tank is a 100gal, go for about 1000 to 1500 gal/hr turnover.
I already have 16x turnover but wanted more flow as ive been getting cyanobacteria and one of the things ive read to get rid of it is more flow. The outlets from my pumps wont point down enough to lift the debris from the bottom of the tank so would having to much flow be a problem?
My nitrates are at 0 and i use phosphate removers, cant test for this yet as im still waiting for my phosphate test kit to arrive.


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I use Aquaclear 110 power heads
Just orderd a tunze nanostream 6015 so now ill have 22.5 X turnover, hope thats not going to be to much.


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
Good Luck, I have never gotten rid of Cyno W/O using Meds.


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For cyano a lot flow in the tank is not enough. It is more important where you put the flow. To keep sand free of cyano you could try a goby that sifts sand. Mine does a good job keeping all the sand free of cyano in my 180 gal. Before there were spots where it would be able to grow. Only downside of a goby is all the sand they sift - if you want crystal clear water, a goby is not for you.