Question For The Yellow Tang Owners

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May 26, 2007
Fargo, ND
I had a yellow tang that was owned previously and about the size of yours. She had already been trained on Nori/Sally's seaweed so it really wasn't a problem. Things that I have heard that help are cut it into strips.. Not all the way leave some at the top for the clip to hold onto, but the waving action catches their attention. Also I've read adding a clove of garlic to a sump or canister filter and just letting it decay adds the garlic into the water enticing them to eat.

Do you know what the fish was eating at the pet store where you purchased her?


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Dec 4, 2007
I also own a yellow tang. Just give him a chance to adapt and he'll be fine. They are very hardy fish and aren't any more susceptible to ick than most. The hippo tang is another story though!!
Make sure you keep him on a lot of greens (seaweeds) and that yellow color will stay beautiful.
Good luck.

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Mar 14, 2007
I have had my yellow tang for a year now and even though my hippo tang has had ick off and on when she was younger my yellow tang nor any one else in my tank has ever gotten ick.
Also I have three different tangs and tangs seem to be shy fish that love to hide when they get scared but as the adjust to new items in the tank or you being near the tank that become more open and less scared.My yellow tang likes to swim up to the front of the glass and hover there while I am watching the tank,,almost like she is saying look at me not the other fish.


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Apr 19, 2004
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Thanks to everyone who wrote back with a reply.....I still have the Nori in the tank and it look like maybe he/she's eaten some but it could just be breasking up and the filter is sucking it in. No interest in food as of yet but this morning I am trying Spirulina Frozen Brine Shrimp (can you believe I could not find any live!) soaked with Selcon and Garlic Guard. We'll see what happens. I think I'll also take the advice and leave this tang in the q-tank for 4 weeks instead of my normal routine of 3 weeks.

I'll post pics soon...beautiful fish!



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Nov 8, 2006
Staffordshire, UK
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If you QT your fish right, and there's no ich present in your tank, they should never get ich.

I don't believe in that ich dormant in all tanks crap.

Sounds like a good find! its not true. The only time this is effectivly true is if an aquarium has suffered Ich and has not been allowed to run fallow..Ich cannot just appear in a tank, its impossible, it has to be brought in via a fish...Some fish can carry the Ich parasite and not actually show signs of this..As written in my article in the marine article section...