Rapid Marine Ich Ourbreak

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Mar 17, 2012
So I all of a sudden have ich on three of my fish, when I say all of a
sudden, I mean all of a sudden. None this morning, I look at my fish
constantly, then boom this evening you would think someone used a white pen and
put dots all over them.

I have a blue hippo, flame angel and copperband
butterfly that have it, my 2 maroon clowns are fine.

I have no idea what
would cause this all of a sudden, the fish have been eating fine, swimming and
very active, so signs of stress.

All of my parameters have been great, 90
gallon FOWLR tank.

QT may not be an option here considering I have three
fish with it and I know the flame angel is very sensitive to elevated copper
levels so meds may not be the answer.

I really need to try to do this in the DT if at all

Any suggestions as to what I should do here.


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May 13, 2009
Tallahassee, FL
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If it has to be done in the display I would suggest this...


Couple that with feeding the tank often with quality foods soaked in Selcon or something like Garlic Xtreme (alternating these would be best). The trick with heavy feeding and already stressed fish is you also need to keep water quality high. Skim wet and change water often but don't have your hand in the tank too much. Suck the water out and pump it back in. You should start this sooner rather than later while the fish are still strong and have an appetite.

You have somewhat difficult to expert fish. Hippos are notorious for ich outbreaks (can't even look at them wrong) and the copperband is simply a difficult fish to keep long term. How long has the tank been running? Nitrate levels high? How big is the hippo?


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Oct 29, 2013
I agree with the points made too, especially how Blue Tangs tend to be Ich (Cryptocaryon) “magnets”

A lot for marine tanks is prevention, this includes quarantine or at least baths of new arrivals

Also maintaining a healthy Redox balance can help with prevention, this is where a correctly installed UV Sterilizer helps indirectly.

I too have found occasionally good results with Kordon Herbal Ich, however as for online sellers I prefer the one below not only for price but for experience and information they provide with the product:

Consider Fish “Dips” in pH adjusted freshwater of 3-5 minutes to rupture the Ich on the fish.
The only problem is the capture of the fish.
Often I keep the fish isolated in a section of the tank for ease of capture for daily fish dips.

Reference this article for more about Fish Dips & Baths:


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Nov 22, 2015
ware, massachusetts
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i had an outbreak about a month ago as well with a pair of clowns all i did was a freshwater dip with some ich-x and a qt. they have been doing great no more ich and im keeping my dt empty to kill off the ich. it's been about a month and there is still no ich on my fish alomst teady to put them back in the dt. but like everybody else said the best defense is to prevent it so always quarantine your fish and do a dip when bringing them back from the lfs. most lfs dont really take care of there fish especially petco and petsmart they are very neglegent of all thier animals and i would never buy any liive anything from them