Red Metalic Short Tentical Carpet Anenome

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Apr 17, 2007
Woodridge, Illinois
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I have a friend who has just aquired a saltwater tank and he has a couple of Red Metalic Short Tentical Carpet Anenome's. He says that they are really rare and can't quite find to much info on them. Does anyone know about them or be able to find any further info on them as far as up keep, what to feed and so forth. Also does anyone know what they may be worth if he was willing to sell them.


Contain the Excitement...
Feb 14, 2007
Mobile, Alabama
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Pretty much all of the true "carpet" anemones have medium to very short tentacles. Whether or not the anemone you are referring to is a true (stichodactylid) carpet is hard to say. If it is, they tend to be fairly difficult overall, minus Stichodactyla haddoni and Stichodactyla tapetum. Even then, the former can prove to be an issue, especially with beginners. If you could provide a picture, that would be great. I think he may have a metallic red flower anemone, not an actual carpet. If he does have carpet anemones in a new tank, it could mean some trouble. Get some more info up and we can help out a lot more.