Regal Tang

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Nov 11, 2013
Tang Police I know this post is going to drive you crazy. Sorry in advance. :uhoh:

I received a regal tang. She is barely 1in. My friend moved a crossed the country, so he took his tank down. He couldn't get anyone to take her since it was a long distance. None of my local pet stores will take fish. I currently have her in my 10g quarantine tank. :eek:mg: he seem to be as happy as should could be in a small
tank. She hides at night but swims around during the day. My display tank is only a 30g. I want to expand, but I am renting. I want to upgrade to a 90g, but I
don't know when that will be. Besides getting her into a bigger tank. Is there anything I can do to make her comfortable. Should I keep her in the 10g or move to the 30? Since it is bigger. I was the only possible option. I want whats best for this fish. I think that fish are NOT worthless I grieve for every one of my fish loses. I want whats best for her.


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Apr 6, 2011
If the QT is done I would move her. If you're not going to upgrade within the next 6 months I'd continue looking to rehome her, maybe try looking for a local reef forum. Other then that I'll assume you've read up on the species and taking care of proper dietary needs and what not.

BTW I believe the regal is one of the tangs that ideally should be housed in larger then 90 as well more like 180g.