Resources and FAQs-Coldwater Disease

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Welcome to the Coldwater Illness & Disease forum.

It is our pleasure to help our fellow coldwater enthusiasts who encounter various injuries and maladies of their coldwater pets. For us to serve you better, we suggest that you relax, take your time to read and pay attention to details well so your attempts to treat your pets will not become disastrous.

Need Some Help? Please read this.
The first thing we would like you to do is read this page where you will find a diagnostics form full of questions which will help us pin down more easily the actual culprit of your fish's health issue. Included in the page is a chart for common signs or symptoms that may occur thus enabling you to understand better why your fish is suffering from a malady.

Quarantine Guide for Goldfish
Already bought some fish? Have a gander here how to properly quarantine your fish.

Freshwater Disease Guide
This topic comprises over 45 health problems that have been listed down along with the description, why they occurred, how they can be prevented and treatments recommended.

Confused which treatment to use? Do you want more information towards their ingredients and instructions? This page may serve you better as it includes every detail that you want to know.

Columnaris (Flavobacterium columnare) Treatment
This page by Iris (Flaringshutter) is dedicated to her treatment process against columnaris, a very common bacterial infection among coldwater fish, not just tropical and temperate.

Tumor-How to Remove It Surgically
Feeling a little lost or eager to learn why surgeries to remove tumors are done? Click them here!

Fish Veterinarian Directory
Want help with your fish? There are some veterinarians that still specialize in fish so have a look here for the directory.
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