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Sep 21, 2006
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Welcome to General Cold & Temperate Water forum.

This thread comprises all the references to questions that are frequently asked and answered. Hopefully, it will save you the time to sift through online for references you are hoping to find that may answer some of your questions.

On the other hand, please do not hesitate to ask further queries. The whole purpose of this thread is to help aid those who seem confused where to begin collecting the much needed information for their fish.

Distinguishing the Differences Between the Goldfish and Koi
Countless times, there are some people even those who have been in the hobby for years who still confuse the lovely hibunas/common goldfish, comets and shubunkins with koi. This is understandable since the pond type goldfish share a lot of similar traits with koi.

Another comes the crossbreeding between the two separate species. Undoubtedly, the koi and goldfish have been bred mostly by accident much to the surprise of their owners who are all too often not aware that it is possible for the two separate groups to crossbreed.

Essential Tools for Goldfish Keeping
We need to look into the essential tools once we have established the proper tank volume and size and start keeping goldfish. The tools should be available at all times for emergency cases and other situations that may harass beyond our control. This page contains all the necessary information you may need to understand better why particular tools are quite important at hand.

Determining the Sexes of Your Goldfish
Are you eager to breed your goldfish? If so, the first step you need to gather is learn how to distinguish the genders of your goldfish. Like most other fish such as angelfish, goldfish exhibit breeding signs and become sexually dimorphic only when they begin to spawn.

The page below is a set collection of photos by various owners to help others distinguish perfectly the breeding signs of their fish.

Raising Goldfish Fry
Still excited with the whole breeding process? Here are some exciting threads for goldfish fry development by Flaringshutter and GuppyLure.

For the Advanced Aquarists
Explaining Growth Inhibitions and Regulations
If you are intrigued whether fish indeed have stunting hormones or how most fish end up with their growth inhibited, please click here for the compilation of the abstracts correlating to this particular subject.
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