Royal clown loach

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the loach

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Aug 6, 2018

Just came across this fish that I've not seen before.

The biggest loach in the world, it can grow up to 2 feet. They say it is "friendly" (lol) but will eat anything that fits in its mouth including other loaches. And needs to be kept in groups, too.

It is critically endangered unfortunately, just like many other exotic animals from the Yangtze river like the Chinese paddlefish, Chinese sturgeon, Chinese f/w dolphin and Chinese alligator.

Not suited at all to be kept as a pet but ironically the pet trade might be the only thing to ensure the existence of the royal clown loach.

Beautiful and interesting fish though, and there seem to be many other smaller loaches in China that would be suited for aquariums but are not known to either science or the fish trade.