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The goal of this area is NOT for selling, but to have an area where members can post up to 4 pictures of corals they have available for swapping with other members. Aquaria Central cannot be held responsible for any swapping that goes wrong; the idea is to treat the area as a club, and have fun swapping.

1. NO selling will be tolerated. Any posts with prices attached or subsequent personal messages asking a member for a price will lead to a single warning and any pricing or cost related infomation will be deleted out of the thread. If a second warning has to be issued, the thread will be closed.

2. Aquaria Central will not be held liable for losses through the swapping process.

3. You may have no more than 4 different frags for swap at any one time, however you may have multiple quantities of the same coral frag. All frags offered MUST have pictures posted in the thread.

4. Aquaria Central Vendors are also allowed to offer swaps.

5. Posting frags through mail is allowed but it is recommended that members meet in person to conduct a face to face meeting to exchange frags if at all possible. If you are posting, please ensure that the frags are adequately packaged and protected, kept warm by insulation and heat packs if they are required, and have a guaranteed delivery to suit the recipient.

6. As you are swapping, each member is responsible for the postage of his own coral being sent. Postage costs are not discussed or bartered, they are to be dealt with by the person posting. If there is a dispute over the postage, it should be conducted via Personal Message, and not in the open forum. Any posts relating to this will be deleted from a thread. Aquaria Central will not enter into any dispute regarding postage and packaging or any related cost.

7. There is to be no selling or profit making from the coral frag exchange.

8. All inactive threads will be closed after one month.



  • Photos MUST be added to threads. Threads without Pictures will be removed.
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