Sailfin Tang

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www.centralcoastreefclub. com
Oct 3, 2005
Just bought a baby sailfin tang, about 1.5", to help combat my hair algae infestation. I couldn't pass it up for $15 and within 5 minutes of going in my 29G tank it started eating the hair algae. Once it does a good job in that tank and shows no sign of ich (my 29G is my pseudo QT tank before things go into my 75G) I will transfer it to my 75G to work on the problem there. If I get to that point where it has cleaned both tanks and still healthy I will give it to a local reefer with a more suitable tank since I don't feel I have a tank suitable for long term living conditions for a Tang. If I can get a $15 tang to solve a problem I have spent hundreds of hours myself manually trying to remove by hand only to have it come back it will have been the best $15 I have spent in this hobby. LOL