salty420's 75g reef log

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this fish was coming on to me
Mar 8, 2007
Sugar Grove, IL
so it's been about a year since i took the plunge into the SW world and i feel like i've come a long way! it didn't take long to grow out of my 37g tank and am happy to be upgrading to my 75g tank this week (finally)! i've logged some of my early progress in my blog, including work on my sump but decided to go ahead and start a thread for the rest of the journey. the work started with a move for my 75g FW tank across the room so the new SW tank could take over that spot in the room. that move for the freshies went over pretty easily with no casualties (yay). then we had to drill the new tank which wasn't too hard since it is an acrylic tank. the tank had quite a few scratches we had to sand out but we got them out pretty well with a scratch removal kit. then came the plumbing and sump building (see blog for more info on that).
today we got the new lights in the mail. wow are they bright! the fixture we ended up with is the outer orbit pro 2x250 hqi with 4x54 t5's. here's a pic with the new lights...

right now there is 43# of LR in the tank. we will be adding the 65# of LR that is in the 37g tank as well so this aquascaping will change. so far you may notice the only coral in the tank is some gsp that we rubber banded around the drain in the upper left corner. the plan for tonight is to move over some small rocks from the 37g, the rocks from my sand bed. tomorrow we will start moving over most of the LR and probably my RBTA. i'd like to let it have the run of the tank for at least a day before moving over my LPS and any softies that aren't attached to the LR. now i just have to decided if i want to try to catch my clowns and move them over with the nem...


www.centralcoastreefclub. com
Oct 3, 2005
Well, that is certainly a different approach to an overflow. Saves space and looks a lot cleaner.

Looking really good so far.. I am sure the rest will as well, especially with that light fixture. :)