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Self Priming Aquaclear Mod?


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Hi all:
Would swapping the intake strainer and connecting the aquaclear input pipe to a submersed pump be a viable way to have a self priming aquaclear HOB filter? I think the marinia slim does this by default. Has anyone tried or considered this?


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For just jump starting the filter or for full time use?

Using a 'pre-pump' would put too much flow through the filter, causing it to bypass I'd think. Aquaclears should self start themselves provided the filter itself is full of water. I know they will backflow themselves into the tank when you have them turned off during water changes.

The only HOBs I've had that will actually re-fill themselves, prime and go are Aqueons and Seachem Tidals. I still would recommend AC over either.


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I suppose you could get it to work that way if you wanted to.